Elephants Footprints

A term used to describe a series of square road markings, which delineate cycle crossings of carriageways.

They are common at all kinds of junctions in the Netherlands, from minor side road crossings, to roundabouts and signalised junctions. However, they are not in and of themselves a 'give way', or 'priority' marking, but are used only to guide cyclists across a junction or road, and to indicate to motorists where a cycleway crosses a road or junction.

Formal priority is actually given with the sharks teeth 'give way' marking; these can tell either drivers or people cycling to give way, where 'elephants footprint' markings are in use.

Elephants footprint marking

In the UK 'elephants footprint' markings have a similar status; they do not give priority, but merely define a cycling route across a junction. Notably, in the UK they are only permitted at signalised junctions, and require specific approval from the Department for Transport.

Referred to as Diagram WBM 294.