Bus gate

In transport planning and campaigning, the term "bus gate" can mean one of two street design features:

  1. A modal filter which permits passage of buses
  2. A traffic signal which gives priority to a bus lane

In cycle campaigning discussions, use of the term is most likely to refer to the first definition.

1. Bus gate modal filters

A form of modal filter which prevents all motor traffic entering a road unless it is a bus. These filters use a "no motor vehicle except buses" sign and/or a blue-backed sign indicating the types of vehicles permitted. They typically also require enforcement, which may be by a rising bollard, ANPR cameras, or, if it is on a guided busway, a "car trap".

Bus gate in Waltham Forest Mini Holland

A bus gate in Bristol

2. Bus priority gates

In technical literature, "bus gate" is sometimes also used to describe another type of bus priority measure in which traffic signals are used to control general traffic, giving priority to vehicles in bus lanes -- typically ahead of a junction, or where a road narrows and buses will need to merge with general traffic. This form of bus gate is not usually relevant to cycle campaigning, but has the potential to cause confusion.

Bus priority gate

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