one way streets

Cycle bypass blocked by parking

Potentially-useful cycle bypass to a no-entry at the end of Cardigan Street, London, blocked by an officially-marked parking space!

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Boscombe Grove Road, Bournemouth

A potentially useful cycle link, but implemented very badly. Originally posted on the Crap Cycling in Bournemouth blog:

Just after this we meet a contender for the title of ‘Bournemouth’s shortest cycle lane’ straddling the pavement that divides the two halves of Boscombe Grove Road…

[img_assist|nid=1838|title=Boscombe Grove Road link|desc=|link=none|align=|width=400|height=300]

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A06 Contra Flow Cycling

Cycling England
Publication date: 
August 2008

Two-way cycling should be the default option where it is proposed to introduce one-way working for general traffic.

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