hierarchy of provision

Essentials of health and safety at work

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August 2009
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This book explains the essentials of health and safety at work, what the law requires and helps employers put it into practice. It is packed with sound advice which covers a broad range of workplace hazards. It also includes practical steps that protect people from harm and at the same time protect the future success of your business.

Contains this hierarchy for H&S improvements:

Starting with the best and most effective, the ways to deal with risks are:

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Hierarchy of Provision

The official Hierarchy of Provision says “When designing improvements to cycle infrastructure, the hierarchy of provision (Table 1.2) offers useful guidance on the steps to be considered. These hierarchies are not meant to be rigidly applied, and solutions in the upper tiers of the hierarchy will not always be viable. However, designers should not dismiss them out of hand at the outset.”

The hierarchy says to consider these options in this order:

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