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Blog Roundup: policy bash special

An early roundup this week because the weekend will be taken up with plotting in our secret bunker (actually Kensington Town Hall - who knew?). The preparations have been many and various in blogland and beyond. Manchester Cycling proposed an experiment to set the arguments to rest for once and for all.

No More Cycling Revolutions - Bruce McVean


London’s cycling revolution was launched in 2010 with the aim that by 2026 5% of journeys would be made by bike. A distinctly unambitious target (5% is the current European average for cycling mode share) that may yet prove to be unrealistic, cycling continues to limp along at just 2% of journeys. If you took away the significant number of cyclists who primarily use their bike to commute then I suspect cycling levels would be so low as to be almost non-existent. London is a long way off being a cycling city.

Blog Roundup 3/2012

Before we get started with the Blog Roundup proper, can I just direct your attention to our Policy Bash next weekend - and more importantly our virtual policy bash for all you clever bloggers who won't be able to make it on the days.

Blog Roundup 2/2012

OK, before you get too comfortable settling down and reading this, today is your last chance to join the 1200 people who've signed the petition to the WI rejecting calls for compulsory helmet laws before it goes off so please go and do that - and if you're not sure what it's all about read this.

Blog Roundup - first of 2012

New Year Message From The Chair

Last January, I decided to call a meeting to launch the idea of a Cycling Embassy to promote the idea of better cycle infrastructure design and implementation. As the Internet was able to bring home the bicycle riding experiences of people overseas, I started to consider my own experiences campaigning at local and national level and how futile it seemed in the context of a country that’s not only wedded to the motor car but seemed to view any other mode as an obstacle to progress resulting in street designs utterly hostile to anything without an engine.

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