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Blog (and a bit of local newspaper) roundup (7)

A week that begun in great high spirits with the annual London Tweed Run (sorry, Ralph Lauren Tweed Run) and a … well we’re not quite sure what it was in Dublin but it looked fun, ended once more with the all too familiar story as reports the death of yet another female cyclist at the

Blog Roundup (6)

This week was Road Safety Week, so let’s start with Magnatom using up another of his nine lives (in a nice touch, the driver slowed and gave a little wave at him – perhaps he had seen his little confessional earlier) (and if you missed the fact that it was Road Safety Week, you are not alone: it seems most drivers missed the memo, even trying to take out our own pr

Blog Roundup (5)

Today is the World Day of Remembrance for victims of road traffic and it’s been a week of remembrance on the Bike Blogs too.

Take to the Open Road...

Naturally Cycling Manchester was the worthy winner of the Cycling Embassy Summer Poster Competition. Here she talks a little about what inspired her to choose the design she did – and to take to the open road herself in a dress and pretty shoes

Blog Roundup - tour du danger special

We make no apologies for the London-centric nature of this roundup this week, with the big story being the Tour du Danger, the flash ride through London’s ten most dangerous junctions organised by Cyclists in the City and the Embassy’s own Mark Ames of ibikelondon.

Blog Roundup (3)

This was a week that started with Halloween and ended with bonfire night, and not just another London cyclists fighting for her life but a further reminder (in the shape of the horriffic M5 crash) that our car-dependent infrastructure harms us all, not just cyclists. Our thoughts go out to everyone caught up in that carnage and the emergency services who had to deal with it.

A Cycling Campaign is Born

A mere German person, simply used to cycling as a means of getting-out-and-about and good cycling provision, I was in severe shock when I first saw Newcastle’s crazy cycle network. If it was a spider’s web, it would not hold together. But didn’t somebody say riding a bicycle is easy?


Photo: Typical bicycle in Germany. Old. Functional.

Blog Roundup (2)

Blimey, no sooner do we put up our first blog round up than it seems like the UK bike blog world went into overdrive with masses of posts from regular and irregular posters alike.

The View from the Tank - a non-cycling mum writes

Ahem. May I besmirch the pages of this blog? Just for a minute? I know, I know, I shouldn’t really be here, I don’t have the credentials, because the fact is (pauses, and lowers voice) I don’t ride a bike that often.

Blog Roundup

It’s been a mixed week for cyclists, but let’s start with the good news shall we? Or at least the reasons-to-be-optimistic story, which was the widely disseminated post and video by Mark Wagenbuur, How the Dutch got their cycling infratructure over on A View from the Cycle Path


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