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Blog Roundup 11/2012

Well, it's Mother's Day - and while I'd love to be putting together a grand mother-themed blog roundup this week, unfortunately mother-and-cycling blog posts were a little thin on the ground, possibly because mothers don't cycle much here because cycling in the UK is still something fit men with no dependents mainly do or, more likely, because mums are mostly too busy to blog. Are you a cycling mum? Did we miss you and your fantastic blog? Let us know in the comments

NY and Philly on a Bike

When I was planning this trip, I had intended to spend as much of my time as possible in New York on a bike. Then everything else I still wanted to do and the cost of hiring a bike as opposed to gadding about on the subway got in the way. Renting a bike in NY is not cheap – this is a city that will benefit massively from its proposed bike share scheme.

Blog Roundup 9/2012

This week, we celebrated International Women's Day (the chaps get the other 364, apparently) and so we kick off with the news that 2012 could be a good year for women on bikes although, of course, even better would be if every year was. Any male readers out there shouldn't feel too bad though - as cyclists we all get to be an oppressed minority - or at least a loathed one.

DC on a Bike


When I last came here, in the dark final days of George Dubya, the Rough Guide of the time advised that “given the traffic, few visitors will actually want to brave the DC streets on a bicycle.” Since then, like much of the partly-civilised world, the city has started to respond to the wishes of those who want to get around without spending half their days in metal boxes. In fact the Capital Bikeshare website proudly proclaims the city as one of the US’s most bike-friendly.

Blog Roundup 8/2012

If a week is a long time in politics, then it's an eternity in bikeblog land.

Blog Roundup 7/2012

This was the week of the Flash ride on Westminster and the MPs debate - and I'll get to that inabit - but first we must mark the passing of a really great blog, A View from the Cycle Path. David Hembrow has inspired a whole generation of cycle campaigners in the UK, and provided an absolute gold mine of facts, photos, analysis, comment and video over the years. He formed part of the inspiration behind the Embassy and his presence shall be missed.

Blog Roundup 6/2012

Reading this on Sunday? Are you now or might you ever be a cyclist in Scotland? Quick - the consultation on the future of the train service in Scotland closes tomorrow so go and sort that out before you get too comfy here.

Blog Roundup 5/2012

Let's start with the good news, shall we? It will make a change...

blog roundup 4/2012

There was only one big story on the bike blogs this week, and that was the Cycling Embassy's own Policy Bash as reported by two of its participants...


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