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The Great Big Morning After the Week Before Bike Blog Roundup

All right. Hands up all those feeling flatter than a tyre that's had a visit from the puncture fairy after last weekend's big rides have been and gone and the elections are over and we still haven't woken up in a hillier version of the Netherlands? Cheer up, because you've still got the Cycling Embassy AGM to look forward to. No, wait, come back ...

The Great Bike Bike Blog Overload Roundup

I hope you'll excuse us if this blog round up is even more incoherent as ever - not only was your rounder-upper distracted by the small matter of helping organise Pedal on Parliament - but it was one hell of a week all round. The Vole O'Speed did his best to get us all caught up but even so if I've missed anything, I can only apologise (and try and make amends next week).

They built it, and they didn't come - the lesson of Milton Keynes

To those who point to the provision of cycle paths alongside roads with high volumes of traffic, or with high speed limits, as one of the principle ingredients of Dutch cycle policy - an ingredient that serves, partly, to explain why the Dutch cycle in such large numbers - some UK cycle campaigners opposed to such paths have a ready retort.

'They built it in Milton Keynes, and they didn't come.'

This is, of course, the large New Town where urban planners

The Great Big Pedalling Protest Blog roundup

OK, I thought I knew what the big story was going to be this week, with the Embassy's own Jim Davis reminding us to get out from behind our screens for Saturday's joint protests in London and Edinburgh.

The Great Mid-April Bike Blog Roundup

Right, before you get too comfy and settle down to read this, some dates for your diary, with Climate Rush's Spring Clean on Thursday and, of course, the 28th April, whether you're in London, Edinburgh or Rome.

The Almost Miraculous Easter Bike Blog Roundup

Ah, Easter, beloved by cyclists everywhere as a chocolate fest, not to mention the whole miraculous rising from the dead thing. And let's start with the resurrection side of things, with Beauty and the Bike to rise again, and Darlovelo given a new lease of life, courtesy of Darlo Bike Girl's resurrected biking mojo.


As promised in my earlier review of the French city of Strasbourg, here is my report on Paris, a city that I found rather less civilised for cycling than the Alsatian one.

The Great Big April Fool Blog Roundup

Well, top marks to the government for the biggest (if a little premature) April fool of them all: the great-fuel-crisis-that-never-was (and look who they have to send to close down a petrol station).

Going Dutch in Strasbourg

This is a cross-post from As Easy As Riding A Bike

The Great British Summertime Bike Blog Roundup

Hooray, winter's over, it's British summer time at last (and for once the Weather gods have got the memo) with cyclists (and bloggers) everywhere coming out of hibernation.


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