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The Great Big What Katie Did Next Blog Roundup

The big news this week was the launch of Pedal on Parliament 2015 with a lovely video, Katie Cycles to School.

Katie Cycles to Parliament ...

Pedal on Parliament posterAs well as my involvement in the Cycling Embassy, I'm also one of the organisers of Pedal on Parliament, the national Scottish cycling campaign.

The Great Big Mardi Gras Bike Blog Roundup

It's been a holiday sort of week this week, with carnival season in the Netherlands demonstrating how the Dutch dress for the destination, not for the journey - followed by Lent, prompting the Bishop of Ramsbury to give up driving and discover just how far cars have become embedded even into the life of the church.

The Great Big Love is in the Air Bike Blog Roundup

It's that time of the year again, when you can demonstrate your love by lending out your most beloved bicycle - or even sharing a bike built for two *very* good friends - and then lock it up at a heart-shaped bike rack.

The Great Big Still Banging on About London Bike Blog Roundup

Don't worry, we'll be back to drooling over the Netherlands soon, but with the final approval given to London's 'Crossrail for bikes' - or in other words Britain finally 'manning up' to take some road despite the forces ranged against it - it was once more London's week in bike blog land.

The Great Big Where London Leads... Bike Blog Roundup

... will the rest of the UK follow?

The Great Big is it STILL Winter Bike Blog Roundup

Well, we thought we'd done the whole snow and ice thing last week, but it seems winter just keeps on keeping on, and even though a bit of unexpected snow can bring out the best in everybody, if after several days your 'award winning cycle paths' still haven't been gritted then it all starts to wear a bit thin - no wonder the winter

The Great Big Cold Enough for you? Bike Blog Roundup

With the winter closing in, at least in the Northern hemisphere (other hemispheres are available), the Winter Cycling Congress wants to know if your city is a winter cycling city - although it looks as if Aberdeen is ruling itself out from

The Great Big Old Cyclists Never Die Bike Blog Roundup

The week started with the welcome (if unsurprising) news that old cyclists never die - in fact they don't even get old - good news for those older drivers who may need to take to three wheels - and fortunately it's never really too late to learn although once you do learn to cycle in adulthood it's even more important that you


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