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The Great Big Let's All Bike to Everywhere, Basically, Bike Blog Roundup

Well, let's not mention the election, except to note that Cameron was one of the party leaders to sign up to Vote Bike, so we'll be holding him to that.

The Great Big Husky That Didn't Bark in the Night Bike Blog Roundup

As the election enters the final straight - at last - this has been a campaign where not nearly enough huskies have been hugged but there has been an effort to get cycling on the agenda & round up the various parties' positions.

The Great Big is the Election Over yet? Bike Blog Roundup

With the election campaign rumbling on, bikes do seem to be getting onto the agenda with 22% of parliamentary candidates signing up to Vote Bike.

The Great Big Still Pedalling (on Parliament) Bike Blog Roundup

Yep, it's that time of the year when I abuse my position as compiler of the blog roundup, to shamelessly plug Pedal on Parliament back for its fourth year.

The Great Big Bike Make it Better Bike Blog Roundup

It's not been the best week for cycling, particularly as air pollution hits dangerous levels before spring has barely got into its stride, but before we get into that, plus lethal HGVs and the grumpiest general election campaign since the last one, let's remind ourselves why it's important: because bikes are a cheap way to tackle intractable problems (politicians take note) and yet

The Great Big Fool Me Once More Fool Me Bike Blog Roundup

It's always tricky doing the bike blog round up over April the first as it's never entirely clear which posts are April fools and which are in earnest.

The Great Big Seeing the Light Bike Blog Roundup

With the clocks 'springing forward' - at least in the UK (other time zones and hemispheres are available) - there seemed to be quite a few blogs about 'seeing the light' in one way or another; those aha moments that reframe the way you see the world, whether it's an open street event that changes people's relationship with the city, or a threatened highway project that changed a whole nation's relationship with

The Great Big Priorities Please Bike Blog Roundup

Before we start this week's roundup, get your priorities straight and mark your diary for this year's Cycling Embassy Gathering and Cycling Infrastructure Summit which will be held in Leicester on the weekend of the 27th/28th June - Chair Mark Treasure explains the issues of managing junctions, and particularly priority for bikes - althou

A Question of Priority

Across Britain we're starting to see the first signs of new cycling infrastructure - cycleways on main roads, protected from motor traffic, being built in cities like Bristol, Manchester, Leicester, Brighton and London.

The Great Big Every Day is Mother's Day Bike Blog Roundup

Sunday was Mothers' Day (in the UK, anyway), and what with that and International Women's Day last Sunday and the Women's National Bicycling Forum (with first impressions here and here from Grease Rag) in the US there was quite a feminine flavour to the week.


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