Today Programme: Is cycling to work too dangerous?

BMJ Paper: “The health risks and benefits of cycling in urban environments compared with car use: health impact assessment study” –



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Have you ever justified not cycling to work on the grounds that the danger overrides any health benefits? Well that excuse, I’m afraid, has been boshed in a study published in the British Medical Journal today. It’s based on work in observation in Barcelona. Professor Mark Nieuwenhuijsen was involved in the study – Good morning

Prof. Nieuwenhuijsen

Hello, good morning.


Hello there. So tell us what your study did. You were essentially weighing up the health benefits of cycling versus the danger to the body of being on a bike in the city?

Prof. Nieuwenhuijsen

Yeah. To say what we did, we estimated the health risks and benefits of the public bike sharing system called Bicing here in Barcelona…

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