Enough of cars... Overuse of motorized transport is destroying everything.

A View from the Cycle Path - 4 December, 2018 - 20:50
Le Curé: "I don't like cars". Three months ago our car reached the end of its economical life and we took it to be scrapped. I'm not missing it. I never used it much anyway. When we first moved to the Netherlands we brought our car with us from the UK but after we arrived it didn't move a single centimetre until more than three years had passed and we finally got around to registering and David Hembrow
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From main road to attractive people’s space

BicycleDutch - 3 December, 2018 - 23:01
Utrecht is reconstructing the streets directly around the historic city centre. These streets, alongside the former city wall and moat, were once supposed to become a four lane main road. … Continue reading →
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