Over the hills and far away - Drenthe has built a hill for cyclists

A View from the Cycle Path - 19 October, 2018 - 18:01
Steve, Peter and myself on "our" new hill: The "Col du VAM". It's the highest point in Drenthe at 4800 cm above sea level ! Each week, a small group of recumbent cyclists ride together from Assen on short touring rides. This morning three of us went on a 70 km round trip to ride up a new hill which Drenthe has created for cyclists of all kinds to ride over. "Our" new hill is now the highest David Hembrow
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Cycling alongside two canals

BicycleDutch - 15 October, 2018 - 23:01
Although we try to separate the routes for motor traffic and cycling as much as possible in the Netherlands, combining other types of infrastructure is often a good idea. On … Continue reading →
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Zwolle: The Dutch city which changed its roundabouts from one unsafe design to another unsafe design

A View from the Cycle Path - 9 October, 2018 - 10:56
I've written three times before (1, 2, 3) about how the roundabouts in Zwolle cause danger for cyclists. Each time, I've pointed out that the use of the "priority" roundabout design in that city results in those roundabouts always featuring as the most dangerous sites for cyclists in the entire city. The top ten list of most dangerous locations for cyclists in Zwolle according to the David Hembrow
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Cycling in The Hague

BicycleDutch - 8 October, 2018 - 23:01
People cycling near the central station of The Hague in the afternoon rush hour, that is the theme of this week’s post. When I was early for an evening meeting* … Continue reading →
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